The fascinating, prestigious look of marbles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

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The evocative, timeless beauty of marble continues to be an important key to interior design in 2022, as clearly demonstrated by the new solutions from Fiandre Architectural Surfaces. 
Large sizes bring new charm, prestige and light to add new attractiveness to residential and public spaces.
A vast and highly expressive range permits a variety of different solutions and combinations of floors, walls and customised furnishings

The fascinating, prestigious look of marbles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
Marble has traditionally played an important role in interior spaces, thanks to projects that have gone down in the history of architecture and design, and continues to be an important part of the world of surfaces and interior decorating in 2022.
Its innate elegance is expressed in prestigious and luxurious solutions, making the most of public and private spaces thanks to its naturalness and ease of combination with other materials.

Popular with designers all over the world for these properties, as well as its hues and wealth of colour, marble is currently seeing a major revival thanks to high-tech ceramic, presented here in the top collections in the Fiandre Architectural Surfaces range.
High-tech ceramic is a material that is increasingly appreciated and in demand on the contemporary design scene for its combination of resistance, ease of working and beauty
The success of marble-effect ceramic is the result of a number of key factors that make an important difference.
First of all, the variety of colours evident in the Fiandre Architectural Surfaces catalogue featuring numerous solutions for floors, walls, ventilated façades and custom-designed furnishings combining refinement with ultra-pure hues characterised by subtle or more intense veining.

Another aspect is the large size of Fiandre’s Maximum maxi-slabs, available in the innovative 300x150 cm size. 
Marmi Maximum, the brand’s top collection, combines excellent performance in terms of resistance and light weight with flexibility and easy laying.
The Marmi Maximum collection has recently been expanded with nine new solutions, presented in the gallery here.

A third aspect combined with these important properties is the potential for customisation of the ceramic slab, especially the ultra-large Maximum slab. 
The breadth of the surface, and its slender thickness of only 6 mm, make Maximum the perfect solution for covering spaces of all kinds, but also for producing custom-designed elements such as bathroom furnishings, tables and countertops, sliding doors, mobile partitions, wall-hung cabinets and seats.
These solutions add to the range of possible applications, ranging from residential to public spaces and facilities such as hotels and spas, shops and showrooms, bars and restaurants, medical clinics and corporate offices. 
Marmi Maximum combines performance with a sustainable soul, as the slabs "are produced in zero emissions plants where processing scrap is returned to the production cycle, making its manufacture much more sustainable and preserving natural resources".
Fiandre’s new surfaces represent the beauty of various different types of marble, in the evocative colours of Bardiglio Sublime, Breccia Mirabile, Calacatta Dorato, Cremo Superiore, Lepanto Rubino, Nero Damascato, Divine Blue, Grand Carnico and Majestic Onyx.
In every one of these materials, processes characteristic of nature are used to reproduce the mineral world, with all its austerity and unpredictable colours, with a uniform but also extremely variable aesthetic identity.
The textures, the hues and stratification of the original stone, are recalled in dynamic, original, playful yet elegant and refined textures, in the best tradition of classic marble.

Marco Privato