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Many of IRIS Ceramica’s collections offer ideal solutions for customising outdoor pavements. IRIS’s high-end porcelain surfaces combine strength and safety with a refined aesthetic featuring numerous natural effects to ensure continuity with indoor spaces

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In homes with patios, gardens, arcades and pathways, decorating outdoor spaces is a pleasant summer leisure activity.
Outdoor spaces are a whole separate part of the home, to be decorated at will, following your own instincts and drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape. 
Tables, chairs, rocking chairs, gazebos, pools and, in recent years, outdoor lamps and spotlights are chosen to create a relaxing, convivial atmosphere that is enjoyable for the senses, for the family and guests alike.
Outdoor pavements must also respond to these key functional and aesthetic requirements; plus they must guarantee safety and stability in winter months and be capable of withstanding stress of all kinds, both meteorological and mechanical.
IRIS Ceramica has a whole series of porcelain collections for outdoor spaces, allowing clients to have fun choosing the look they want for their outdoor spaces without worrying about the materials’ resistance to stress.
IRIS high-tech porcelain is a material featuring the most innovative technical qualities of porcelain, including strength, stability, non-absorbency and long-term inalterability.
For decades now IRIS has pursued its mission of making porcelain in a process demonstrating complete respect for nature, combining earth and fire in the process to create a final product that "protects and underlines the vital elements around it".
In this gallery of outdoor surfaces we present a selection of IRIS installations clearly demonstrating how easy it is to express yourself and make the most of outdoor areas, however large or small, in continuity or contrast with indoor spaces.
French Woods and E-Wood propose the warmth of different types of wood, underlining their material qualities with knots and veins that "stand out on a surface which is given a lived-in look by weather and time". Vintage outdoor furnishings, particularly fashionable these days, go perfectly with colours recalling strips of wood, a material that is always in style for indoor and outdoor surfaces.
Inspired by traditional Pietra di Luserna, the Shire collection features casual, "aristocratic" style in the British tradition, represented by elegance and discretion.
In 4 variants featuring refined lines and hues, Shire suggests "reminiscences of the past with the distinctive features of today’s spaces", adding rich material effects to outdoor spaces. 
The originality of the surfaces makes the Shire collection particularly well-suited to modular combinations: the resulting freedom of composition makes the most of the graduated hues of the slabs, recreating the chromatic variety of the natural stone that inspires it.

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