Designing a homely atmosphere for the kitchen


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The homely atmosphere of the kitchen, a continually evolving space where families come together, are underlined by Iris Ceramica’s characteristic porcelain floor and wall tiles offering the qualities of stone for all kinds of interior design

Designing a homely atmosphere for the kitchen

The kitchen is the most important common area in the home, a place where everyday acts become signs of passage in a process of on-going personalisation, and the room identified with the iconic image of the home everywhere in the world”.
All considerations about kitchen design must aim at improvement of the overall atmosphere rather than individual details, privileging the whole over the parts.

To make everyone’s own personal desires and solutions possible, Iris Ceramica offers a series of collections of porcelain wall and floor tiles covering the entire range of kitchen styles.
Its surfaces are perfect for modern, rustic, country or classic interiors, featuring unusual combinations of elements and colours, as in the Rays, Color Design, Nordik and Terre lines.
Combinations of different modules (from classic square tiles to rectangular ones and oversized tiles) make it possible to vary the geometries and colours, for a surprising, unexpected look that is full of variety, without any repetition, including the possibility of inclusion of decorations and mosaic tiles.

One important line is Blooming, a line of enamelled porcelain tiles characterised by “foliage” in delicate, sophisticated hues and an unusual size: 75x25 cm (recommended for use with E-Wood, French Woods or Moving flooring).
Blooming defines the domestic space of the kitchen (and can achieve the same harmony in other spaces in the home, particularly the bathroom), contributing the natural beauty of classic decor, with all the connotations and implications of modernity thanks to the many possible combinations.
Iris Ceramica tiles feature all the well-known properties of porcelain and also ensure easy maintenance in the kitchen, even in contact with everyday cleaning products.
The benefits of porcelain’s inalterability and resistance to stress and wear are matched by the material’s aesthetic qualities, for home design that provides the best possible response to all our needs while permitting customisation.

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