Creating spaces in perfect freedom with floating floors

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Going beyond ceramic’s historic decorative function, porcelain surfaces stand out for their exceptional strength and versatility. When associated with floating floors, they give designers a degree of freedom that was once unthinkable, especially in public spaces and commercial buildings

Creating spaces in perfect freedom with floating floors
For centuries ceramic was used primarily as an indoor decorating material, taking advantage of its great expressiveness, ease of installation and versatility. 
But in the past twenty years industrial processes have led to constant advancement and improvement of the material, creating original materials such as high-tech porcelain, an innovative product that has extended the applications of ceramics beyond the decorative and artistic sphere to make it the focus of modern design and architecture projects.
Its ability to withstand stress has made porcelain an important material used in spaces where it would never have been used at one time, such as public places, plazas, sidewalks and stairs.
Use of porcelain in floating floors is considered one of its most innovative applications and one of the most important tools for preventive maintenance.
For while porcelain stands out for its low maintenance requirements after installation, thanks to its impermeability and excellent response to ordinary cleaning products, we must also take into account the fact that the surfaces of today’s buildings are almost always subject to structural change over the years, both inside (to permit passage of electrical, telephone and computer connections) and outside (changes made underground, water pipes and electrical cables).
Granitech’s many years of experience with floating floors allows the company to bypass all the problems linked with renovation projects, facilitating work that would otherwise be particularly invasive, especially in commercial premises and public places of various kinds.
Elimination of the need to work on masonry saves time, expense and energy and is the primary reason for choosing a floating floor by Granitech, which has worked on countless projects in the past using GranitiFiandre tiles to form the upper part of the floor, the visible part which is directly subject to stress. 
The high quality of GranitiFiandre porcelain and the vast choice offered by its many collections play an important role in creative design. Floating floors free architects and designers from the restrictions imposed by technical systems, giving them the freedom to make use of all the potential offered by the aesthetics of surfaces.
Another aspect that can lead to preference of floating floors is the healthfulness of indoor air and of the building as a whole, improved by the gap created under the floor with this system.
The space between the floor slab and its covering provides thermal insulation, helping to maintain good temperature and humidity conditions in both summer and winter. 

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