Atmospheres and environments of design: the Marmi Maximum coverings

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The Soft, Bright and Gold Onyx versions of GranitiFiandre Marmi Maximum technical ceramics combine the versatility of the large size slab with the timeless beauty of the most precious and fascinating marbles. No longer just wall coverings but also innovative and customizable solutions such as furnishings, thanks to their light weight and ease of cutting and laying.

Atmospheres and environments of design: the Marmi Maximum coverings Marble has always been one of the most prized and sought-after materials for covering surfaces thanks to its unparalleled variety of aesthetic qualities that are synonymous worldwide with elegance, luxury and prestige.
The originality of its typical veining and the variety of different colours have always been an irresistible lure and source of inspiration for architects, sculptors, and interior decorators.
From the alabaster-onyx used in African temples, to the black Marquina quarried in Spain, the ultra-white marble of India, and the many types of Italian marble: these are just some of the most well-known marbles that man has used since ancient times for covering literally every type of surface.
Today, marble’s strong decorative component maintains all its ancestral charm and it remains an important reference in the field of contemporary design, also for the development of ceramic technology that improves and reproduces the most fascinating and exotic colourings.
Floors made of marble in technical ceramics represent the clear and concrete possibility to improve the performance of quarried materials, which of course include marble, through the use of innovative technologies that follow a path that is absolutely natural but infinitely more rapid.
Iris Ceramica Group, world leader in the production of the best technical ceramics on the market of coverings and customized furnishings, proposes in its many brands a tremendous variety of marbles suitable for any style, from contemporary to more traditional.
The innovation that has always distinguished Iris Ceramica Group is not limited to the aesthetic aspects but extends the potentials available to customers and designers by also intervening on another essential factor, which is the module.
Thus the large sizes were created, the ceramic maxi-slabs that make it possible to cover up to 4.5 square metres of surface with the 300x150 cm of a single slab, highly resistant but at the same time lightweight thanks to the thickness of just few millimetres.
GranitiFiandre dedicates its Maximum line to the large size slabs: the largest module available on the porcelain stoneware market, unadulterated by agglomerates, is an innovative and sustainable product that is born of highly selected raw materials.
The solutions offered by the GranitiFiandre’s large porcelain stoneware slabs enable the maximum freedom in design and at the same time great flexibility, which would otherwise not be possible. "On one hand the maxi-slab drastically reduces the number of interruptions in the design unit, and on the other hand, the wide range of submultiples offered guarantees great versatility for all requirements."
In fact, the maxi-slab can be used not only as a traditional wall covering but also for furniture, allowing customization of tables, sliding doors, ceilings, wings, and backlit walls.
The marble effect and large size are the distinguishing features of Marmi Maximum, a collection that we present in the Onyx version (Soft, Bright, Gold), where the brilliance of the onyx, with its characteristic streaking, becomes the principal aesthetic element for living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, in the residential environment, but also for any kind of public or private space.
As a demonstration of its uncommon versatility and elegance, GranitiFiandre’s Marmi Maximum was chosen as the protagonist of a highly evocative work located in front of the Schusev State Museum of Architecture (MUAR) in Moscow.
The work is a new fountain designed by architect Andrey Asadov to celebrate the 30 years of business of the Asadov architecture firm of which he is Creative Director.
In the context of the temporary exhibition dedicated to Russian architecture of the last thirty years, presented at the MUAR, the fountain was created with the contribution of Fiandre partner MADE in the World and Kinetika boutique.
The fountain is covered with the precious surface of Soft Onyx from the Marmi Maximum range, characterized by polychromatic streaks that "elegantly enrich the imposing monolithic structure of the fountain, almost like a precious gem set in the ground.”

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