Ariostea Iridium: colour as a key to contemporary spaces

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Ariostea’s Iridium indoor and outdoor flooring expresses all the energy and creativity of colour, making porcelain surfaces the focus of architecture and design projects

Ariostea Iridium: colour as a key to contemporary spaces
The study of colour is always one of the most important and interesting aspects of contemporary floor design.
Porcelain, the optimal material for flooring in the home as well as walls and floors in commercial spaces, can even be used to reproduce the look of timber, marble and natural stone.
In addition to these widely acknowledged and appreciated effects, porcelain may be associated with collections of bright, saturated colours to create a complete colour palette with which to offset and underline home furnishings and accessories, such as Ariostea’s Iridium collection.
With its 12 colours, Iridium explores the potential of colour in today’s spaces in an innovative way applicable to both interiors and exteriors, and above all provides a creative tool for designers, architects and image consultants.
Through-coloured porcelain flooring materials in the Iridium collection are the focus of contemporary surface design, in which products go beyond their primary function to become an integral part of a more articulate sensorial idiom made up of images, evocations, emotions, memories and personal tastes.
The spaces in which we live our daily lives always have a lot to say about us and about our experiences and desires, especially through the choice of colour.
The 12 hues of Iridium "dominate space with vibrant hues and optical effects", conveying a mood of warmth and positivity, especially in the less common and bolder variants (Rosso, Verde, Arancio, Violet, Blu), which can offer an important source of creative inspiration for outdoor floor and wall coverings and for large public spaces.
These qualities have in recent years led to choice of Iridium for projects such as a school campus in Tressano (Reggio Emilia), shops (WE Shop in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and Casa Anversa, Messina); spas and wellness centres (Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, Umago, Croatia and Arta Terme Udine), trade fair events and bookshops (DZS Bookstore in Ljubljana, Slovenia).
More delicate hues such as Champagne, Sky and Yellow as well as timeless Bianco, Grigio and Nero allow Iridium to underline the light reflected by porcelain, a material representing the best possible synthesis of technology and beauty.

Marco Privato