Brownlie Ernst and Marks Woodsman's Treehouse

Brownlie Ernst and Marks (BEaM),

Sandy Steele-Perkins,

Dorset, UK,

Rifugio, holiday houses, Sport & Wellness,


Sandy Steele-Perkins’ photos express all the fairytale atmosphere of the treehouse in the woods designed by the Brownlie Ernst and Marks (BEaM) architecture studio.

Brownlie Ernst and Marks Woodsman's Treehouse

This treehouse is particularly charming and transports us into a fairytale world. Woodsman's Treehouse was designed by theBEaM, Brownlie Ernst and Marks studio in a wood in Dorset. The magic starts with the road that leads to the house, beginning from the top of a hill witha path that continues into the wood.

This pathway into the dense wood, with hidden views and glimpses through the vegetation, helps build expectation and then comesthe marvel when you arrive at the wooden walkway and suspended bridge. In growing excitement, the visitor enters the wooden door with its large brass round window, allowing them to discover this little fairytale world.
The structure of the house is independent of the oak on which it is builtand is only 35 m2. It won the title of “small project of the year” from the RIBA, but the design by BEaM appears larger than its actual size, thanks to an interesting design solution. The plan of the house is based around a central stove, which is the heart of the home and becomes the link between its various functions. The space opens out through lateral niches built at the edges of this circular space, each with its own function. This expedient gives the feeling of being ina much larger space and in a thicker construction than the actual size of the home. The walls are covered in different woods that characterise each of the niches/rooms of the home and frame diverse views of the woods.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architects: Brownlie Ernst and Marks (BEaM)
Location: West Dorset, UK
Photos: Sandy Steele-Perkins
Images courtesy of RIBA



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