British School at Rome, Meeting Architecture

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Artist Richard Deacon and architect Eric Parry inaugurated the second year in the Meeting Architecture programme in Rome with the exhibition 3-2=1: Bridge, Bangle & Cornice.

British School at Rome, Meeting Architecture

Meeting Architecture, presented by Marina Engel, is scheduled for October 2014 through June 2015 at the British School at Rome with big names in architecture, art and film to appear at study exhibitions and conferences.
The programme looks at the relationship between architecture and the other disciplines and how the creative process of one discipline can influence and develop aspects of others, seeking convergences and divergences between disciplines, starting with their sources of inspiration, working methods and goals.
The inaugural exhibition, 3-2=1: Bridge, Bangle & Cornice, presents three joint works by artist Richard Deacon and architect Eric Parry in London: the project submitted for the Millennium Bridge competition(1996) (the pedestrian bridge over the Thames linking the City with Bankside and the Tate Modern), the façade of the Finsbury Square building (1999-2001) and plans for St James's Gateway (2008-2013) in Piccadilly Circus, in which Deacon’s sculptures form a 25 metre frame integrated into the building’s façade, and the bright colours of the frame reflect the vitality and fervent activity of the place.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of British School at Rome