Book: Urban Hopes: Made in China by Steven Holl

Steven Holl,

Iwan Baan,

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A new book covers the last 10 years of Steven Holl Architects’ work in China.

Book: Urban Hopes: Made in China by Steven Holl

In the past 10 years Steven Holl Architectshave done a lot of work in China, with projects of growing complexity on different scales and in-depth study of urban dynamics on the micro and macro scales and of the issues involved in overpopulated cities, such as the need for adequate infrastructures.

With text and analysis by a new generation of theoreticians in architecture, big photos and plenty of graphic documentation, Steven Holl’s projects in China are presented in this book edited by Christoph A. Kumpusch, an architect and professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University.

The most recent works completed by Steven Holl Architects in China include the Nanjing Sifang Art Museum, Sliced Porosity Block, Linked Hybrid and Horizontal Skyscraper - Vanke Center.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Urban Hopes: Made in China by Steven Holl,
edited by Christoph A. Kumpusch
published by Lars Müller Publishers
17 x 17 cm, 288 pages, 166 illustrations, hardcover (2014)
ISBN 978-3-03778-376-4, English
Images courtesy of Steven Holl – ph. © Iwan Baan © Shu He