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Who do you chat to when you're on the web? A question at the basis of web communication and one that is fundamental for designers and architects.

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Visual Literacy in Architecture Who do you chat to when you're on the web? A question at the basis of web communication and one that is fundamental for designers and architects. The research work of the Floornature team, thanks to Graniti Fiandre, was presented during a seminar at the School of Engineering in Pisa.

After enjoying September's positive self-building workshop with Santiago Cigureda “The City and the Water” the partnership between the School of Engineering in Pisa, DESTeC, the enterprise Graniti Fiandre and the architecture portal Floornature with Livegreenblog, continues.

Three members of the Floornature team - Paolo Schianchi, portal editor, architect and Visual Communication and Interaction Design Professor at IUSVE; Michele De Lucchi, journalist and former archiver, plus filmmaker Mara Corradi and blogger and networker Christiane Bürklein - presented their research in the field of communicating architecture at the Pacinotti room of the School of Engineering in Pisa.

Lots of interested students attended the seminar, including the members of the collective 120grammi who work to spread the culture of design through their website, as well as 2Luoghi, lfrom Pietrasanta, which hosted and accompanied the workshop “The City and the Water 2015”.

After being introduced by Professor Emeritus Roberto Pierino, director of the degree course, and presenting Graniti Fiandre, a company to the forefront in the production of porcelain stoneware with the added value of the pollution-resistant and antibacterial ACTIVE treatment, Prof. Paolo Schianchi acquainted us with Polish artist, Kryps (see “Architecture on the Web. A critical approach to communication”), discussing visual literacy as a way of communicating effectively with our “geographical other”. What's more, this was the very first “Visual Literacy” lesson in Italy. After the theory, Christiane Bürklein, supporter of the creative power of networking explained how to put this into practice in the social media, then Mara Corradi discussed the media aspect of videos and films.

A great opportunity to be able to directly and personally interact with our readers, very much in “post-web” style, and we'll be sharing all these new, interesting points of view with you!

Christiane Bürklein

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