Reclaiming sustainably and creatively: Morimondo 23 by Giuseppe Tortato.

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Reclaiming sustainably and creatively: Morimondo 23 by Giuseppe Tortato. Disused industrial buildings are great potential sites for urban spaces and can even be integrated back into city life. The Morimondo 23 project by architect Giuseppe Tortato has reclaimed an old factory and turned it into a centre for creative artists in Milan.

One of the great challenges of modern times is how to integrate old, abandoned industrial buildings into cities. Enter Italian architect Giuseppe Tortato with “Morimondo 23” a project to refurbish an old factory which is packed with innovative and sustainable solutions, despite all the paperwork and administrative constraints.

The building complex on Via Morimondo 23 in Milan is located opposite the old Richard Ginori industrial building that has also been refurbished and now houses workshops and studios for the world of design.

Giuseppe Tortato based his project on the existing exposed brickwork building constructed in the early 1800s and added two new wings to create a system of courtyards.

The new wings are distinguished by their appearance and their materials: one of them is an engaging glass and steel structure, whereas the second, more withdrawn one was forced to reference the original prefabricated concrete wall.

Giuseppe Tortato turned this apparent design restriction into a new urban landmark. He broke up the building’s retaining wall into irregular strips with added verve provided by small reinforced concrete and glass blocks openings and he incorporated a green roof. So people going past at night are treated to a delightful lantern effect, which emphasises the friendly and welcoming feel of Morimondo 23, also provided by its natural materials and the integration of green spaces into the project.

Project: Giuseppe Tortato http://www.giuseppetortato.it
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2009
Fotografie: Francesco Giunta, courtesy of Giuseppe Tortato
Photography: re.publique comunicazione d'architetturahttp://www.republique.it
Link: La Forgiatura http://www.floornature.com/blog/industrial-archaeology-for-expo-2015-in-milan-8537/, Can Ribas http://www.floornature.com/blog/past-industrial-architecture-for-the-urban-future-8710/