MO de Movimiento, a masterful makeover in Madrid

Proyectos Conscientes, Gonzalo Machado and Mafalda Muñoz, Lucas Muñoz,


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MO de Movimiento is a smart conversion of what was once Madrid’s Espronceda Theatre and part of the old EFE News Agency. Owned by Proyectos Conscientes, the restaurant was crafted by Gonzalo Machado and Mafalda Muñoz with conceptual designer Lucas Muñoz, and is heavily geared towards sustainability, social responsibility and inclusion.

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MO de Movimiento, a masterful makeover in Madrid Mo de Movimiento is a new kid in town in Madrid, a place where you can sit back and relax and that reflects on the transformation that is on everyone’s lips - the future that is on its way. It is the brainchild of Spanish entrepreneurs Felipe Turell and Javier Antequera. They established their company Proyectos Conscientesin 2018, intending to rewrite the books on business success and drive a cultural transformation in the city, built on the foundation of sustainability, social engagement, responsibility and inclusion. The entrepreneurs want to explore new ways of doing business, fast-tracking new ways of generating revenue with an innovative modus operandi.
So when the possibility of converting what was once Madrid’s Espronceda Theatre and part of the old EFE News Agency came up, they approached the renowned Spanish designer Lucas Muñoz (Eindhoven/Madrid) assisted by a multi-disciplinary team and under the guidance of curators Gonzalo Machado and Mafalda Muñoz to give the strategically positioned architecture in downtown Madrid a second chance. The vision of Proyectos Conscientes was to craft a friendly, inclusive space focusing on quality free time and a positive social and environmental impact.
Wherever possible, they used recycled materials, in the spirit of the circular economy, making the most of traditional technologies alongside new solutions not yet consolidated in the market. This approach also meant reviving tradecrafts and redeeming specialist labour. Demolition rubble from the previous site was fashioned into benches; the kitchen was tiled with remnants from other construction sites; the wood recovered from the theatre seating was upcycled into different furniture and decor. Where new materials were necessary, they were carefully selected, opting for artisan, environmentally-friendly, exceptional quality raw materials and products to support and boost the work of the local network. With the clever mix of upcycling and responsible choices, the designers managed to reduce the carbon footprint of the project by more than 70% compared to a conventional renovation. The heat from the two large artisan ovens, fed with firewood from pruning is harnessed for the radiators and underfloor heating. And what about the innovative adiabatic cooling system, consisting of several large, perforated clay jugs that hang from the ceiling? Fitted with fans and filled with water, they cool and humidify the hot, dry air of Madrid. 
During the 16-month construction of MO de Movimiento in the former Espronceda Theatre, the work continuously evolved, marked by the poetry of a process that progressed from partial demolition and reclamation of the existing architecture to the creation of new functions, with real-time improvisation and test-based innovation, new developments, reinterpretation and experimentation.

Of course, the kitchen is also a hub of sustainability: MO de Movimiento serves up conscious food, supporting local farms to offer their homemade, eco-friendly and quality menu with farm-to-table produce. MO de Movimiento by Proyectos Conscientes also provides opportunities for integration and professional development for people who find it hard to access the job market and supports professionals and artisans, as well as locals. The new go-to hub for conscious leisure in Madrid is so forward-looking with its solutions that it already complies with most of the COVID-19 post-lockdown measures, including the elimination of cash transactions, digital menus and even enough room to guarantee physical distancing between diners in its 1000+ square metre area, which also includes an outdoor patio with a retractable roof.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: Proyectos Conscientes (Javier Antequera, Felipe Turell)
Designer: Lucas Muñoz
Curator: Gonzalo Machado and Mafalda Muñoz
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2020
Images: courtesy of MO de Movimiento
Find out more: https://www.modemovimiento.com/


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