Culture on the move, creativity on show in Taiwan

Tammy Cheng-Jung Liu, Wei-Hsiung Chan,

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Since 2010, the annual Creative Expo Taiwan has showcased the best of Taiwan’s culture and creativity.

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Culture on the move, creativity on show in Taiwan Since 2010, the annual Creative Expo Taiwan has showcased the best of Taiwan’s culture and creativity. This year’s Creative Expo Taiwan adopts the theme of Culture on the Move to bring together culture and time by connecting historical spaces in a new cultural corridor in Taipei.

There are five locations along the corridor: Huashan 1914 Creative Park, C-Lab, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei Expo Park - Expo Dome, and TRW Railway Museum with the aim of creating a new cultural corridor in the capital of Taiwan in order to bring together people's imagination of city development, but also spatial and collective memories from different times.
This is the idea behind the theme of the 2019 edition of Creative Expo Taiwan - “Culture On the Move” coined by the Ministry of Culture. Here, Culture refers to the dynamic collision and integration of meanings, and “move” calls on everyone to explore the native culture of Taiwan. By the means of the approach of a number of curators and artists to Taiwanese culture, everyone is invited to think about how the concept, and “Culture On the Move”, can be realised.
The exhibition called “Fair On the Move - Design” is also part of the initiative and it highlights the key current trends, with a real focus on products characterised by the form follows function philosophy, as well as products made from environmentally friendly materials. Still, there are also venues focusing on interior design for the hospitality industry, something which is becoming increasingly important for Taiwan where some up-and-coming Taiwanese designers stand alongside great design icons like Philippe Starck.
Another curated space in the Culture of Origin section is "Hi Story Past and Future", a very interesting response to the initiative's cultural theme that brings together five national museums from all across Taiwan to give a narrative of a timeline of Taiwanese history. The five national museums are the National Museum of Prehistory, National Museum of Taiwan History, National Taiwan Museum, National Human Rights Museum, and the National Center for Traditional Arts. A chance to take stock at a moment in history when time is fluid - where everything seems to happen the second we learn about it - to connect current culture to history. An attempt to gain a better grasp of contemporary evolution, not just limited to the world of design.
With Culture On the Move, the city is an exhibition venue and uses lots of materials, shows, performances and innovations to reveal the local and global potential of Taiwanese culture. This movement will continue also after the event has finished because culture is always on the move!
We're sharing with our leaders a sneak peek of some of the objects on display, including the standout collaboration of the National Palace Museum with Taiwanese digital Lomography brand Paper Shoot to create the special edition Jadeite Cabbage CROZ camera. Obviously for the joy of photography lovers but also for design buffs, since it is presented as an eclectic fusion of traditional materials such as jade and brass and current imaging trends.

Christiane Bürklein

Creative Expo Taiwan
General Consultant: Wei-Hsiung Chan
Curator: Tammy Cheng-Jung Liu
24 April - 5 May 2019 (Fair 24 - 28 April 2019)
Taipei, Taiwan
Find out more: https://creativexpo.tw
Images: see captions


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