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A sustainable restaurant in the dunes. Emma architecten.
An energy efficient restaurant based on the “cradle-to-cradle” principle. This project, by the Dutch architect firm Emma architecten, focuses on new concepts and combines natural materials with innovative design.

Settled amongst the dunes in a nature reserve near Rotterdam, the “Aan Zee” restaurant in Ostvoorne was designed by Emma architecten. The architects carefully studied every detail from the interior design to the construction not forgetting the landscaping amidst the surroundings to create a structure that opens new horizons in eco sustainable hospitality.

The restaurant was built in only four months and can be completely dismantled and recycled either as a construction or as building materials. Local untreated wood cladding was chosen for the external walls. The wood was simply cooked which makes it resistant to the maritime climate yet allows for changes in colour as it gets weather-beaten over the year.

Not only is the restaurant energy efficient but it also provides its own water supply and sewage disposal.

The architects used sustainable solutions such as solar and wind energy, natural air ventilation and even geothermal techniques for heating and cooling.

The food also plays a key role in the whole concept of the restaurant as it is cooked in wooden stoves and only dishes prepared with ingredients supplied by local farmers and fishermen are served.
Hospitality coupled with environmental protection is an increasingly frequent duo and this project by Emma architecten is one of many recent examples. It is a contemporary construction which links the nature on the reserve to Rotterdam’s large port.

Project: Emma architecten NL, http://emma-architecten.nl/
Team: Marten de Jong, Jurg Hertog, Gerdo Weltevreden, Rob Bakker, Janneke van de Velden, Kasia Heijermans
Location: Oostvoorne, NL (http://www.aanzeeoostvoorne.nl)
Design phase: 2005-2011, opening December 2011
Gallery: Tobias Reymond, 's Graveland (http://tobiasreymond.nl)

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