Bill Brandt Shadow and Light Exhibition


London, USA, Paris, New York, USA,

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MOMA dedicates an exhibition to Bill Brandt, the 20th century modernist photographer.

Bill Brandt Shadow and Light Exhibition

The exhibition currently at MOMA in New York offers a reinterpretation of the entire work ofBill Brandt, a 20th century photographer. After training at the Man Ray studio in Paris, Bill Brandt became famous in 1930 and his images are considered an essential record for understanding the society and landscape of Great Britain in the first half of the 20th century.

Over 150 photographs on display, a selection from the photographer?s immense output, are divided into themed sections: London in the `30s; Northern England; the Second World War; Portraits; Landscapes and Nudes .
The exhibition curated by Sarah Hermanson Meister offers a critical reinterpretation of Brandt?s work, with a chronological progression through his output. The visitor?s attention is particularly focused on the printing methods used by the photographer and on his work during the Second World War, when Brandt achieved fame with his nude photography.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Bill Brandt Shadow and Light
Date: 6th March ? 12th August 2013
Place: MOMA, New York, USA
Images: ph. Bill Brandt courtesy of Moma