Ariostea’s Ultra Marmi and Ultra Onici collections at Cersaie 2017

Marco Porpora Architetti,

Bologna, Italy,

Showroom, Exhibitions,

Porcelain Tile,

Ariostea, Iris Ceramica Group, Cersaie,

The new Ariostea collection was presented at Cersaie 2017 in the AriosteaRetail stand designed by Marco Porpora Architetti, inspired by Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

Ariostea’s Ultra Marmi and Ultra Onici collections at Cersaie 2017

The AriosteaRetail stand designed by Marco Porpora Architetti for the Iris Ceramica Group at Cersaie 2017 is

an elegant, evocative exhibition space in which it is the materials themselves - Ultra Marmi and Ultra Onici maxi-slabs by Ariostea - that stand out.

The architects drew their inspiration from the Glass House designed in 1949 by Philip Johnson to create a stand in which maxi-slabs and structural glass convey an atmosphere of lightness and space. As in Philip Johnson’s famous house, the frame of the AriosteaRetail stand is invisible, focusing attention on the porcelain maxi-slabs from Ariostea’s Ultra Marmi and Ultra Onici collections.

Visitors enter the stand via a walkway around its perimeter, consisting of bark and big slabs enclosing the central core of the stand, a rich, precious central space where Ariostea materials reveal all their flexibility and ductility. Maxi-slabs are in fact used to create seating and the reception desk; both elements seem to be born out of the floor, and blend into it with their refined, sinuous shapes. The solution underlines the slabs’ potential for untypical uses of ceramics thanks to the level of excellence achieved by the Iris Ceramica Group brand in creating large slabs of only minimal thickness.

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