Architetti Delueg Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish Centre

Bolzano, Italy,

Kindergartens, Factories, Sport & Wellness, School, Shopping Centers,


The parish centre designed by the architectural practice Architetti Delueg has won the 2013 Alto Adige Prize for Architecture and the prize in the "Public" category.

Architetti Delueg Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish Centre

Delueg architectural studio designed the parish complex named after Mother Teresa of Calcutta in the new Firmian district in Bolzano.
The church complex was built on a rectangular lot in a public pedestrian zone which also contains a school, a nursery and a shopping centre, forming the heart of the new neighbourhood.

The architects created a sequencealternating open outdoor spaces with buildings on a human scale which stand out from the high density of the residential constructions around them. There is a single entrance on the northern side of the lot, promoting perception of the parish complex as a single unified whole even though it is made up of three separate buildings as well as open-air spaces.
The church itself stands on the western side of the lot, and consists of four volumes of different sizes and heights generated by a big cross-shaped beam. The 2 x 1 m beam at a height of 4.10 m crosses the entire space of the church.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Architetti Delueg (Siegfried Delueg)
Glass by Christoph Hofer
Location: Bolzano, Italy
Images courtesy of Premio d'Architettura Alto Adige - ph. Alessandra Chemollo



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