Lemoal Lemoal’s sports hall of timber and hempcrete blocks

Lemoal Lemoal Architectes,

Bertrand Fompeyrine, Elodie Dupuis,

Croissy Beaubourg ,

Sport & Wellness,

Metal, Wood, Hemp,

Lemoal Lemoal’s sports hall in Croissy Beaubourg is made of timber and hempcrete blocks, offering top technical performance.

Lemoal Lemoal’s sports hall of timber and hempcrete blocks 
Croissy Beaubourg has a new multipurpose sports hall with a timber frame and walls made of hempcrete blocks.
Among the industrial sheds of a village on the outskirts of Seine-et-Marne, the architects of Lemoal Lemoal were asked to build a multipurpose sports hall measuring 380 square metres. Though the building containing the facility is small, it opens onto a large parking lot. The form of the construction has no particular formal qualities other than those required to meet the needs of the client and the athletes who use it: a big rectangle formed of seven timber portals, with secondary beams for added rigidity, and a roof of white heat-lacquered sheet metal, the material also used to cover the outer walls.
The interiors are simple, as befits a sporting facility. Big light fixtures and radiators for heating are suspended from the ceiling, while the technical installations occupy two small rooms in a corner of the building. Lastly, two sides of the gym volume are completed with locker rooms, culminating in a little entrance hall. But despite the simplicity of its composition, the project has an unusual feature: the walls inside and outside the building are made out of hempcrete blocks.
Made from hemp scrap mixed with a thickener, these blocks represent a creative way of using scrap from a material which is cultivated primarily for other purposes in the construction industry. The blocks are easily assembled on site, as they fit together like children’s building blocks, and their light weight allows them to be handled quickly and easily. Despite the fact that the resulting walls are thicker than traditional brick walls, their thermal and acoustic performance (a detail often overlooked in sporting facilities) as well as their structural performance are thoroughly convincing; they are even REI 30 fire- resistant.

Fabrizio Orsini

Lieu: Allée du Bois, 77183 Croissy Beaubourg
Programme: Création d’une salle d’évolution phy- sique et vestiaires.
Maîtrise d’ouvrage: Ville de Croissy-Beaubourg
Procédure / Mission: Procédure adaptée Mission complète • Loi MOP
Coût / Surface:
1,1 M€ HT y compris VRD
139 K€ HT gros oeuvre
380 m2 SDP
Travaux: 11 mois
Livraison: janvier 2021
Maîtrise d’œuvre
lemoal lemoal: architecture paysage
Axoé • BET TCE
Apave • Bureau de contrôle
ARC 77 • Coordinateur
SPS Cabinet BEC • Aménagements extérieurs
Images & Photos: Elodie Dupuis, Bertrand Fompeyrine, Vieille matériaux • Libre de droits


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