Architects Meet in Selinunte: The architecture of the future

Mario Bellini, Renzo Piano,

Moreno Maggi,

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Architects Meet in Selinunte, organised by AIAC (the Italian Architecture and Criticism Association) and presS/Tfactory, has just concluded its third international meeting.

Architects Meet in Selinunte: The architecture of the future
Three eventful days, from June 14 to 16 2013, of conferences, symposia, exhibitions and awards at the third edition of Architects meet in Selinunte: The architecture of the future, a meeting organised by AIAC and presS/Tfactory.
Thirty ideas for the future developed by thirty Italian architectural studios including Paolo Iotti (Iotti&Pavarani), Junko Kirimoto (Alvisi and Kirimoto + Partners), Alessandro and Leonardo Matassoni, Filippo Pagliani (Park Associati) and Filippo Raimondo (ABDR) were presented on June 14.
The second day of the meeting focused on young architects, presenting the architectural studios that were finalists for the Fondazione Renzo Piano Award and the 2012 Young Italian Architects Contest, along with young architectural practices from Sicily selected by the AIAC. Projects by young architects and professionals alike were presented in the 10 exhibitions set up on the Architecture Table: a surface 84 m long in the archaeological park. The park also featured "e-QBO", a micromuseum designed by Romolo Stanco which accumulates energy from renewable sources and gives it back to connected systems.
The three day event in Selinunte concluded with a conference by architect Mario Bellini, who was presented with the International Selinunte Award.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Location: Selinunte, TP - Italy
Images: courtesy of AIAC, Moreno Maggi


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