Ameller, Dubois Associés Construction and Renovation

Gallery, Churches & Cemeteries,

Stone, Glass, Wood,

Ameller, Dubois Associés’ project fits into a site of great cultural and environmental value.

Ameller, Dubois Associés Construction and Renovation
Ameller, Dubois Associés built and renovated a seniors? housing complex.
The architects focused on the need to preserve the site?s objective qualities, both environmental and cultural, for the site includes a historic building which is a protected heritage site.
The principal axes in the layout are the existing chapel and the pedestrian bridge over the nearby canal, leading to the park, which preserves its complete integration with the eastern side.
The new wing of the complex is linked with the existing structure via glass tunnels. The architects worked on a contemporary structure while respecting the proportions and the effects created by use of contrasting materials (wood, stone, glass, tiles) and making sure that it blended in with the existing building around it in La Ferté-Alais.

by Agnese Bifulco

Design: Ameller, Dubois Associés (Philippe Ameller and Jacques Dubois)
Location: La Ferté-Alais (Essonne), France
Illustrations: courtesy of Ameller, Dubois Associés