A hotel in the Bauhaus style. The Rothschild 71, Tel Aviv

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Staying in the “White City”, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Tel Aviv containing more than 4000 buildings constructed in Bauhaus style in the '30s, is a dream for many architecture lovers. Especially if they can stay in a heritage building.

A hotel in the Bauhaus style. The Rothschild 71, Tel Aviv

The Rothschild 71 is a hotel created by renovating a building by Zeev Rechter, one of the founders of Israeli Modernist architecture.
The building on Rothschild Boulevard, in the “in” part of Tel Aviv right in the middle of the “White City”, was constructed in the ’30s as the home and clinic of the Krieger family.

The owners’ grandchildren renovated the building to create a hotel in the International Style of the Bauhaus school.
Precious details such as artworks and antique furnishings add to the beauty of all the hotel’s rooms. The renovation project manages to preserve the atmosphere of great warmth that characterised the site in the last century, offering visitors an opportunity to enjoy a vacation surrounded by Bauhaus architecture.

(Christiane Bürklein)

Project: The Rothschild 71 - http://www.the-rothschild.com/
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Year: 2013
Photos: Courtesy of The Rothschild 71 – Jacob Peres Press Office


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