22nd edition of Open House London 2014 coming up

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Open House is an international event first held 22 years ago in London, where this year’s edition is coming up September 20 and 21.

22nd edition of Open House London 2014 coming up

A weekend in which people have the keys to the city, to visit not only historic monuments but modern buildings and construction sites free of charge.
This is Open House, an initiative first held in London 22 years ago, organised by the independent association of the same name (Open House) with the direct involvement of architects, designers and architecture students, who become guides for two days to show people around their own projects and other works of architecture in the city.
From London, Open House has grown and expanded all over the world, with slightly different dates and methods. The cities that will be participating this year include New York, Dublin & Galway, Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, Barcelona, Rome, Helsinki, Slovenia and Chicago.
The theme of the 22nd Open House in London, “Revealing”, is an invitation to discover the impact of buildings, both public and private, and how contemporary architecture and design can make cities more liveable. More than 800 buildings will be open to visitors, on 4 different itineraries: "Spaces to Live in", "How the City works", "Places and spaces of the city" and "A Greener City".

(Agnese Bifulco)



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