Zaha Hadid Guangzhou Opera House

Zaha Hadid Architects,

Virgile Simon Bertrand,

Guangzhou, China,

Theater, Landscape, Auditorium, Factories,

Guangzhou Opera House, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, was inaugurated on February 25. The idea behind the design was to create a building that would fit into its surroundings, in perfect harmony with nature and with the river landscape around it.

Zaha Hadid Guangzhou Opera House Pebbles eroded by the flowing river provide the inspiration for the Guangzhou Opera House, the latest new work by Zaha Hadid Architects, inaugurated on February 25. For the architects the natural landscape, and particularly study of the river and its erosive action, evolved into a relationship of interaction between architecture and nature. Winding lines of light create paths inside and outside the building, like canyons dug by the action of the river. The building is composed of two separate bodies of different sizes. The first and larger one is occupied by the Opera Theatre with its advanced acoustic solutions and 1800 seats, while the second is a multipurpose auditorium with 400 seats, designed for art, opera and concert performances of all kinds.

by Agnese Bifulco

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Location: Guangzhou, China
Photographs: Virgile Simon Bertrand
Illustrations: Zaha Hadid Architects



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