The winners of the Architettura Arco Alpino 2016 competition

Bernardo Bader,

Udine, Switzerland,



The winners of the Architettura Arco Alpino 2016 competition were announced at the opening of the exhibition.

The winners of the Architettura Arco Alpino 2016 competition

March 17 saw the opening of the "Architettura Arco Alpino 2016" exhibition, which is being held simultaneously in nine different locations across the Alps between Aosta and Udine. The exhibition features 246 projects in the Alps, from which a panel of judges including Bernardo Bader (Austria), Sebastiano Brandolini (Italy) and Quintus Miller (Switzerland) selected the 22 finalists and the winners.

The four winning projects in the 2016 contest were announced on March 17 at the opening of the exhibition:

Reclamation of the hamlet of Paraloup in Valle Stura by architects Dario Castellino, Valeria Cottino and Giovanni Barberis and Prof. Daniele Regis, a project focusing on conservation and protection of the identity of places, of the existing village and paths, of their environmental and social quality, and enhancement of the local heritage of architecture and landscape. The original walls were preserved and consolidated to become containers for new boxes made of local timber.

The reclamation of the square of the Abbazia di Novacella by Markus Scherer Architekt, reorganising public space and restoring all the buildings in the square to their proper architectural dimensions as part of the whole.

The Badlweg Housig housing development in Appiano (BZ) by Feld72 Architekten, in which simple volumes are arranged around a green courtyard to recreate the Anger, the public space traditionally at the centre of country villages.

And, lastly, Wood and the Dog in Paesana (CN) by StudioErrante Architetture, a small hut serving a number of different functions.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Associazione Architetti Arco Alpino