Väla Gård di Tengbom Architects: architectural sustainability


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Scandinavian design and a focus on the environment: Tengbom Architects has designed an all-round sustainable building, an award-winning new landmark.

Väla Gård di Tengbom Architects: architectural sustainability

A building that stands out for its eco-sustainability. An urban landmark surrounded by nature. Tengbom Architects’ Scandinavian design underlines the transformation of an old barn into a brightly lit, ecological workspace.

The building’s structure incorporates two separate volumes joined together at the centre. The angle of the barn’s roof and its original height and width have been maintained, adding crosswise motion and visual contact between the work areas.

The client’s environmental goals were met: 450m² of solar panels, use of locally sourced materials, absence of harmful chemicals, no wastes sent to the landfill.
Väla Gård has a LEED score of 95/110, earning it a Skåne Solar Award and a Solenergipriset award. It has also been nominated for the 2013 World Architecture Festival.

Francesco Cibati

Architects: Tengbom Architects
Client: Skanska Sverige AB
Year commissioned: 2011
Location: Helsingborg
Size: 1700sqm
Photos: Martin Palvén, Torben Åndahl



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