Torino, Architetture Rivelate award

Beppe Giardino,


Bar, School, Landscape,

Retraining, Refurbishment, Prize,

“Architetture Rivelate” – Revealed Architectures - is an award presented annually since 2004 by the Order of Architects of Turin to encourage qualified demand in the city, a plaque for award-winning buildings to make good examples of architecture easily recognisable even to the non-expert eye.

Torino, Architetture Rivelate award On June 17 prizes were presented to the winning projects in “Architetture Rivelate”, the eighth annual competition established in 2004 by the Order of Architects of Turin and assigned to works of contemporary architecture in the city.
The prize is a plaque applied to the winning buildings with the aim of attracting the attention of passers-by, making examples of good architecture visible and recognisable even by non-experts.
These are buildings which draw on careful planning and correct construction even if they don?t aspire to international fame, helping to add value to the city in which they stand.
The initiative offers citizens examples of quality architecture with the aim of encouraging “demand for good architecture in the city and the surrounding area”.

by Agnese Bifulco

Photographs: courtesy of Fondazione OAT


01 - 02
“Casa Speranza” single-family dwelling in Rivarossa
arch. Ivano Pomero

Expansion and new landscaping of Novalese Cemetery
arch. Francesco Barrera, Luca Barello, Rachele Vicario; ph. Sisto Giriodi, arch. Barello

05 - 06
Functional restoration of the former saddlery building at the military Arsenal in Turin
arch. Giorgio Comoglio; ph. Beppe Giardino, Sergio Comoglio

07 - 08
Grangesises resort
arch. Pompeo Trisciuoglio

09 - 10
Renovation of two buildings in San Mauro T.se
arch. Raimondo Guidacci; ph. Alberto Muciaccia

11 - 12
Ecological nursery school in Vinovo
archh. Matteo Robiglio, Isabelle Toussaint (Avventura Urbana s.r.l); ph. Sebastiano Pellion

13 - 14
Elementary school in Piobesi Torinese
archh. Silvano Bandolin, Laura Porporato (ARCHILOCO); ph. ARCHILOCO, Rino Visconti