Robert Majkut Design, Private Banking

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Robert Majkut Design Studio presents a new pilot project for the private banking arm of a Polish credit institution.

Robert Majkut Design, Private Banking
The interior design project by Robert Majkut Design Studio is a pilot project developed in accordance with the bank?s corporate identity by White Cat Studio.

In the project space is organised into two separate functional areas: one for direct customer relations and another for back-office and service areas.

The starting points inspiring the interior design are the bank?s logo in black, white and gold, and a grid of sinuous lines used as a decorative motif on the bank?s paper documents.

The two-dimensional model of the decorative grid was designed and reworked using parametric design software; the result is a mixture of aesthetic choices arranged in a mathematically ordered space.
The grid is repeated in numerous variants to become the decorative line on the floors and ceilings, the fine pattern on the glass, the wallpaper and wall coverings and even the rhomboid decoration on the gold floor in the reception area, where all the different lines seem to come together.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design:  Robert Majkut Design
Illustrations: Szymon Polanski



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