Pisi Design Architects Apartment in the Champ de Mars, Paris

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Architect Alessandra Pisi Joncoux’s latest interior design project is a loft created by uniting two smaller apartments, in colours inspired by the early twentieth-century Modernist Movement.

Pisi Design Architects Apartment in the Champ de Mars, Paris

Architect Alessandra Pisi Joncoux of Pisi Design Architects designed the interior of a loft in the Champ de Mars in Paris. Her starting point was renovation of the existing two small apartments divided up into small rooms; the architect transformed the interiors to create larger spaces and redistributed the apartment’s layout to optimise the use of space and ensure that all the rooms in the home enjoy today’s level of comfort.

The two apartments were joined together by closing over the courtyard connecting the two lots with a glass roof. The daylight coming in from above made this space ideal for use as the home’s library and study.

The functions in the home were reorganised to take into account the requirements of different spaces and conditions “around them”. The living area, for example, is in the part of the home facing onto the street, while the bedrooms and bathrooms are on the opposite side, with a private balcony for greater tranquillity.

Colours play an important role in the project. The architect drew her inspiration from the Modernist Movement of the 1920s and 30s, using deep colours to create warm, cosy interiors and differentiate spaces by function. Custom-made furnishings such as the lacquered wood kitchen cabinetry are inspired by similar colour schemes and completed with designer and vintage items to create a refined, cosy atmosphere.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architect: Alessandra Pisi Joncoux, Pisi Design Architects www.pisidesign.com
Location: Paris, France
Photos: Peter Allan, Pisi Design Architects