Perrault, new Longchamp hippodrome

Dominique Perrault,


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Dominique Perrault’s project has won an international competition for construction of the new Longchamp hippodrome in Paris.

Perrault, new Longchamp hippodrome

The international competition on invitation for the new Longchamp hippodrome has concluded with the selection of a project by French architect Dominique Perrault.

The architect has included in the new layout all the architectural elements defining the identity of Longchamp, such as the Pavillon stands, the Ecuries, and natural elements of particular importance.

The focus of the new project is a long pedestrian path named "Les Planches", below the current level, linking all the hippodrome's functions from north to south, completed by constructions intended to house the typical functions of a hippodrome (pavilions, stands, restaurant, etc.).

Les Planches reinterprets the great tree-lined avenues of Paris. In place of the plane trees that shelter pedestrians from the sun, there are big umbrellas made of stainless steel metal grids 5 m tall and 6 m wide, also designed by Perrault.

The new hippodrome will offer new views along the Seine and the new facilities permitting use of the hippodrome for other purposes when there are no horse races.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Dominique Perrault
Location: Paris, France
Illustrations: courtesy of Dominique Perrault Architecture, @ DPA/Adagp



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