Michele De Lucchi, Chapel of St. James, Fischbachau

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Architect Michele De Lucchi recently designed a little chapel on one of the routes taken by pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela.

Michele De Lucchi, Chapel of St. James, Fischbachau

In harmony with the many religious buildings in Fischbachau, a town in the Bavarian countryside south of Munich, architect Michele De Lucchi and Marcello Biffi have designed a little chapel dedicated to St. James.

The rectangular construction preserves the 5x3 m size of similar local buildings, while its simple outline reminds one of children's drawings of houses, like De Lucchi’s series of little wooden houses sculpted with a chainsaw.

The chapel is made out of stone, with windows of different sizes containing wooden structures that filter the rays of the sun to create effects of light and shadow inside representing walls dotted with little windows. The only exception is a round window on the wall opposite the entrance. The window frames the cross outside the chapel, the only symbol of devotion, projecting the observer’s thoughts out toward the horizon and offering an invitation to meditation and prayer.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Architetto Michele De Lucchi Srl (Michele De Lucchi, Marcello Biffi)
Model: Francesco Faccin, Giuseppe Filippini
Location: Fischbachau (Munich), Germany
Images: Archivio Michele De Lucchi