Mexican contemporary architecture exhibition, MÉXICO en ITALIA

Moritz Bernoully,


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Casa dell'Architettura in Rome hosts an exhibition on contemporary Mexican architecture, a continuation of the initiative that presented Italian architecture in Mexico.

Mexican contemporary architecture exhibition, MÉXICO en ITALIA

Following the partnership between the Order of Architects of Rome and the Colegio de Arquitectos de la Ciudad de México (CAM /SAM), Casa dell'Architettura in Rome presents an exhibition of recent projects by Mexican architects. The initiative is a response to a similar exhibition of recent contemporary Italian architecture in Mexico.

The exhibition "Mexico in Italy" underlines the Mexican architectural studios’ intense activity, their structural experimentalism and the poetics of space determined by the geographic vicinity of the United States, the country’s strong Spanish heritage and the presence of such great masters as Félix Candela and Luis Barragàn.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: México en ITALIA – contemporary Mexican architecture
Location: Casa dell'Architettura, Rome, Italy
Dates: October 22 2013 – November 4 2013
Images: Moritz Bernoully, Fernando Cordero, Rafael Gamo, Luis Gordoa, Pedro Hiriart, Timothy Hursley, Jaime Navarro, Undine Pröhl.



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