Mario Cucinella Nursery in Guastalla

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The 19th September saw the inauguration of the new Nursery in Guastalla, a project by the MC A Mario Cucinella Architects studio, a child-friendly building in which sustainability and safety are inextricably linked with creativity and imagination.

Mario Cucinella Nursery in Guastalla

In time for the start of the new school year in Guastalla the new nursery designed by architect Mario Cucinella has been opened, to replace the Pollicino and Rondine municipal nurseries damaged by the earthquake in 2012.
The nursery is the first place in a child’s social life and architect Mario Cucinella has created a building where sustainability and safety are inextricably linked with creativity and imagination .
The idea behind the project is to create a living space in which children are protected but not closed in. The architecture uses materials with a low environmental impact and the structure is made up of a curved wooden frame that recalls a whale’s stomach. There are no walls but windows that separate the various classrooms and the inside from the outside, allowing children to live in a constant relationship with nature and the setting. Photovoltaic systems, solar energy and collection of rainwater not only reduce the resources needed for the life of the building, but become a vital lesson for children in forming an environmentally-aware attitude.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Mario Cucinella Architects MC A
Team: Mario Cucinella, Marco dell’Agli (head of design), Alberto Casarotto, Irene Sapenza, Alberto Bruno, Yuri Costantini (model)
Landscape consultancy: Marilena Baggio
Rendering: Cristian Chierici – CC79
Structures: Geoequipe Studio Tecnico Associato
Electrical and mechanical design: Area Engineering srl
Acoustics: Engineer Enrico Manzi
Location: Guastalla, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Images courtesy of Mario Cucinella Architects MC A



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