Marco Piva’s restyling for the interior of the Donnafugata Golf Resort & SPA Ragusa

Marco Piva,

Franco Noto / Donnafugata Golf Resort & SPA ,

Ragusa, Sicily, Italy,


Retraining, Interior Design,

The interior design project by Marco Piva preserves the historic elements of the resort, while at the same time making the structure functional to meet contemporary needs.

Marco Piva’s restyling for the interior of the Donnafugata Golf Resort & SPA Ragusa

A “light” restyling that preserves the familiar atmosphere of the resort was what the clients asked of architect Marco Piva who was responsible for the interiors of the Donnafugata Golf Resort & SPA in Ragusa, Sicily. The project developed along two fundamental lines. First, to identify and valorise the interior decoration elements that were important for the image of the resort itself, and to preserve the familiar, welcoming atmosphere for clients. For example, the architect decided to keep the typical Sicilian Baroque colours, emphasising them with textile elements and drapes inspired by the local area. Secondly, to add furniture that could bring functionality to aesthetics, so that the structure could meet a range of needs.

The building that houses the resort is an 18th century farmhouse. The ground floor has a large reception space with a high A-frame ceiling. The space is dispersive both in terms of noise and heat andMarco Piva solved this problem without altering the architecture. He used two floor-to-ceiling curtains and a block of glass to create scenic curtains and divide the space into different areas: the reception, waiting area/lounge, shop and salon. For example, the shop area, once a simple glass window, is now a large glass showcase that divides the space but preserves its visual integrity. The scenic divisions created by the architect resolve the problems of acoustics, breaking the sound waves, and help the dispersion of the air conditioning.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Interior design: Marco Piva
Location: Ragusa, Italy
Photos: Franco Noto / Donnafugata Golf Resort & SPA