Luigi Rosselli Beach House on Stilts holiday home

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In Collaroy, 22 km northeast of Sydney, Luigi Rosselli Architects recently completed an extension on a holiday home, adding a new level to an existing bungalow and redefining the exteriors and the interior design of the beach house.

Luigi Rosselli Beach House on Stilts holiday home

Architects Luigi Rosselli and Edward Birch of Luigi Rosselli Architects were in charge of the architecture and interior design of an extension on a holiday home completed recently in Collaroy, 22 km northeast of Sydney.
The existing bungalow was expanded with the addition of a whole new upper level. The project combines the old and new without interruption using elements reminiscent of ships, paying homage to the ocean nearby.
The interiors are bright white, with solutions that open up the rooms completely to natural ventilation, such as sliding shutters that open the living area onto the little tropical garden with palm trees and ferns at the back of the house.
The staircase occupies a central position in the layout of the home. The steps emerge out of a solid supporting wall, and underneath the staircase is a bookcase composed of modular shelving units which also appear in other parts of the home. The bright white of the furniture and finishes is emphasised by the natural light coming in through the skylight on the ceiling, permeating the space with a relaxing atmosphere.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design Architect + Interior Designer: Luigi Rosselli, Edward Birch
Project Architect: Edward Birch, Irene Brugueras (Joinery)
Location: Collaroy, NSW - Australia

Images courtesy of Luigi Rosselli, Photography: Justin Alexander, Edward Birch, Luigi Rosselli



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