A little house in the woods by KAA Studio

KAA Studio – Kamila Holubcová / Antonín Holubec,

Martin Tůma, BoysPlayNice , Jakub Skokan,


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A dark old house in the edge of the forest west of Prague has undergone an important restoration by Czech architects KAA, giving it a modern, brightly lit appearance while maintaining the fairy-tale look of a house in the woods.

A little house in the woods by KAA Studio

West of Prague, in the small town of Làny, is a big forest with a number of houses on its edge, many of which have been expanded over the years, altering their appearance. The architects of KAA were asked to restore one of these homes. They did not want to alter the building’s exterior, which was already perfect; the only changes they made to the original regarded the entrance patio, the addition of skylights in the attic, and the creation of a little artificial hill gently accompanying visitors toward the entrance to the home or in the direction of the forest, depending on the direction taken.

The inside of the Forest House was completely renovated, however: the layout was opened up, the furniture was redesigned, and a number of windows were created to let in natural light, almost non-existent before. In addition, the walls were given the classic "whitewash" to brighten up the home. In short, Forest House is still a house on the edge of the woods, but there will be no witches or big bad wolves in the fairy-tale world of KAA Studio’s house.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Lány, Kladno District, Czech Republic
Design: 2013 - 2015
Year: 03/ 2016
Area: Lot 860m2, Built surface 100m2, Useable floor space 175m2
Architects: KAA Studio – Kamila Holubcová / Antonín Holubec
Photos: BoysPlayNice – Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma



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