Lily Nails: lace in the interior design by Archstudio

Archstudio - Han Wen-Qiang, Wang Ying, Li Yun-Tao,

Jin Weiqi,

Beijing, China,


The Chinese architecture studio Archstudio has designed a beauty salon specialising in nail art. The special feature that designers Wenqiang and Xiaoting wanted was to suggest the effect of lace in all the interior elements, creating an extremely striking effect.

Lily Nails: lace in the interior design by Archstudio

Everything starts with a syllogism that begins with a beauty salon and with femininity, to arrive at defining laceas the feminine element par excellence. Perhaps it is an arbitrary link, developed by Archstudio for Lily Nails, but at least the result is interesting.

How can lace form part of interior design, without taking a step back in time to the '50s? Simple: by laser cutting a 6mm thick steel sheet and varnishing it white. In this way architects Wenqiang and Xiaoting managed to embroider the interior, creating various rooms with different functions. This great varnished steel lace , gives the whole salon a continually changing visual effect. This is a moiré effect, created by the many lines that overlap in an interplay of full and empty spaces of varying depths. So while the client walks through the salon, she is drawn to look around.
The translucency of varnish matches that for nails, the curved shapes echo the female form, and the white colour transmits the idea of hygiene, essential to a beauty salon. In conclusion, Archstudio has truly created a "forest of lace" that it is pleasant to lose oneself in.

Francesco Cibati

Place: Beijing, China
Year: 2017
Area: 100m2
Design: Archstudio – www.archstudio.cn
Team: Hen Wenqiang and Wang Xiaoting
Photos: Jin Weiqi


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