Kengo Kuma Woven exhibition at Galeria Jaroslava Fragnera in Prague

Kengo Kuma,




Kengo Kuma’s first exhibition in Central Europe is coming up in Prague. The Japanese architect’s work is showcased in an exhibition entitled “Kengo Kuma / Woven” at Galeria Jaroslava Fragnera until November 20 2016.

Kengo Kuma Woven exhibition at Galeria Jaroslava Fragnera in Prague

Introduced by a public conference and a workshop for students, the exhibition “Kengo Kuma / Woven” opened in Prague on October 5. The first exhibition of Kengo Kuma’s work in Central Europe, it covers fifteen projects, from his plans for the new Olympic Stadium for Tokyo 2020 to works such as FRAC, a museum in Marseilles, and the Performing Arts Centre in Granada.

The selected projects represent Kuma’s work combining ancient Japanese tradition with modernity, using natural materials in combination with advanced technologies to create buildings that stand in harmony with their surroundings, with the specific features of places and their natural order.
Kengo Kuma notes that while in the 20th century architecture was all about concrete, with heavy constructions, box-buildings for containing functions and people, today we may view architecture as "woven". Conceiving of constructions as clothes is the Japanese architect’s way of restoring the successful relationship between people and buildings.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Kengo Kuma / Woven
Organisers: Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Kengo Kuma & Associates
In cooperation: FA Czech Technical University in Prague
Location: Galeria Jaroslava Fragnera, Prague
Date: 5/10/2016 – 20/11/2016

Images courtesy of Galeria Jaroslava Fragnera, copyright Kengo Kuma & Associates, photos by Daici Ano, Michel Denance, Fujitsuka Mitsumasa, Takumi Ota, Nicolas Waltefaugle, Zeno Zotti.



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