Jenny Sabin Studio Lumen YAP 2017 MoMA PS1 New York

Escobedo Soliz Studio, Jenny Sabin Studio,

Jenny Sabin Studio, Pablo Enriquez,

New York, USA, USA,


Jenny Sabin Studio, Escobedo Soliz Studio, YAP Young Architects Program,

Starting on June 29 Lumen, the project by Jenny Sabin Studio that won the 2017 Young Architects Program, will welcome visitors to the courtyard of MoMA PS1 in New York for the twentieth edition of Warm UP.

Jenny Sabin Studio Lumen  YAP 2017 MoMA PS1  New York

The winner of the YAP 2017 (Young Architects Program), an annual programme for young architects at MoMA PS1, was announced on February 17: Lumen, designed by Jenny Sabin Studio.
Lumen is a temporary urban installation that will dress up the courtyard at MoMA PS1 from June 29 until October, welcoming participants in the twentieth edition of Warm UP, the outdoor summer music programme at MoMA PS1.

The main purpose of the projects competing in YAP is to offer a cool, shady place for visitors to sit which complies with environmental requirements such as sustainability and recycling of materials, because once the summer programme is over, the installations will be taken apart, and the space must be left just as it was before. This is what happened to the installation Weaving the Courtyard by architects Lazbent Pavel Escobedo and Andres Solíz of Escobedo Soliz Studio, who “wove” a new sky for the courtyard.

Jenny Sabin Studio’s project is an urban installation which will offer the public a multisensorial space made up of hexagonal elements of various different sizes, tubular structures covered with lightweight fabrics knitted from photo-luminescent yarns. These are active elements, because they will absorb sunlight by day and return it in the evening to create unusual light effects, completed by artificial lighting. Inside the elements is an integrated misting system which creates a refreshing micro-climate at the hottest time on summer days. The installation as a whole, and the parts of which it is composed, recall cellular elements reflecting Jenny Sabin Studio’s interest in experimentation with biological and mathematical theories in architectural design.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Jenny Sabin Studio http://jennysabin.com
Location: New York, USA

Weaving the Courtyard
Project: Escobedo Soliz Studio /Young Architects Program 2016 www.escobedosoliz.net
Photo by Pablo Enriquez.

Images Lumen and Portrait of Jenny Sabin. Courtesy Jenny Sabin Studio.
Images YAP 2016. Courtesy MoMA PS1
Images Weaving the Courtyard courtesy the architects and MoMA PS1. Photo by Pablo Enriquez.



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