Escobedo Soliz Studio wins the YAP MoMA New York contest

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The winner of the 17th YAP (Young Architects Program) promoted by the Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 was announced on February 1, 2016: Escobedo Soliz Studio.

Escobedo Soliz Studio wins the YAP MoMA New York contest

The temporary installation for summer events at MoMA PS1 will be designed by architects Lazbent Pavel Escobedo and Andres Solíz, founders of Escobedo Soliz Studio. On February 1 the Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 in New York announced and presented the winning project for the 17th YAP (Young Architects Program).
The project, designed in response to guidelines requiring sustainability and recycling, is entitled: Weaving the Courtyard.

An apparently simple act creates an installation woven into the MoMA PS1 courtyard to transform the place. The existing openings in the courtyard’s concrete walls, created by the formworks used to cast them, serve as the starting points for weaving a new "sky" over the space out of coloured cords. There will be a swimming pool in one part of the courtyard, a pool of water reflecting the light of the sun where visitors can cool off. The density of the weave changes to generate "clouds" providing shade in parts of the courtyard, and this combined with the mirror effect of the water will create a new landscape.
All the materials used in the project are recyclable, and they will not change the state of the site, for the courtyard will be returned to its former condition at the end of the summer.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Project: Escobedo Soliz Studio (Lazbent Pavel Escobedo and Andres Solíz)
Location: MoMA PS1 New York USA

Images courtesy of Escobedo Soliz Studio



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