GranitiFiandre: 50 years of innovation, 50 years in the vanguard

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GranitiFiandre celebrated its first 50 years during its traditional spring Open House on May 12.

GranitiFiandre: 50 years of innovation, 50 years in the vanguard
More than 400 guests from different countries attended the traditional spring Open House, confirming that GranitiFiandre Group has a reputation for dependability and prestige all over the world.
During this important occasion celebrating the fiftieth birthday of the company from Castellarano, in addition to a presentation of the latest new products, guests participated in a round table entitled “Dialogues between the imagination and reality: creativity designs wellness”.
A meeting and exchange between outstanding personalities in the worlds of architecture and design: GranitiFiandre chairman, Graziano Verdi, AD editor-in-chief Ettore Mocchetti, architect Luca Drago and designer Matteo Nunziati.
Each speaker addressed the concept of wellness in his own field, tying it to the increasingly impelling need for sustainability and conservation in architecture and design.

During the meeting chairman and managing director Graziano Verdi emphasised GranitiFiandre’s tenacity in pursuit of its goals, believing in innovation and becoming one of the first to produce new materials such as porcelain stoneware. “Our strong point is that we have always accepted the challenges the market, our competitors, and the rules of the changing world have presented to us, and our outstanding team has so far managed to overcome them all,” he said.



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