Floornature goes to the Álvaro Siza exhibition at MART


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Inside the human being, an exhibition of the work of Álvaro Siza at Mart in Rovereto, offers a highly specialised look presenting a more “private” side of Siza.

Floornature goes to the Álvaro Siza exhibition at MART

Floornature’s editorial staff went to see the latest new exhibition of the work of Álvaro Siza. The exhibition, with its simple set-up and highly specialised documents, reveals the more “private” side of Siza: his most prestigious projects appear alongside minor and practically unknown works such as the redevelopment of Corso Sempione in Milan in 2008.
Inside the human being is the eloquent title representing the logic behind the exhibition: 48 projects by Álvaro Siza having to do with human relationships, particularly those between the architect and the people who will live in the building and therefore between human beings and the landscape they live in: is the common thread running through all participated design projects. The Bouça and São Victor collective housing projects in Porto, built by SAAL brigades between 1974 and 1976, or the plan for expansion of Evora, in the Quinta da Malagueira district, where Siza built 1200 social housing units, lead to the Block 121 project in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district and to the Hague. Here as elsewhere, Siza is in demand for his ability to solve the problems of immigrants and other people who live on the margins of society.

Mara Corradi

Photos: © Roberto Ronchi