FAB Photography One Night events

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The second event in the One Night series, with a focus on photography, was held at FAB Architectural Bureau on June 9. Fiandre and Porcelaingres's showroom and gallery hosted the exhibition “Luigi Bussolati: The skin of the world. Photography as an exercise in seeing, from Bach to Instagram”.

FAB Photography One Night events

The FAB Architectural Bureau in Milan hosted the second One Night event focusing on photography, under the title: “Luigi Bussolati: The skin of the world. Photography as an exercise in seeing, from Bach to Instagram”.

In the course of the evening, a welcome message from Thea Campioli of Fiandre was followed by an intriguing discussion about the new media and its relationship with photography, coordinated by Paolo Schianchi, curator of the series and director of Floornature.com, with the participation of photographer Luigi Bussolati and Pamela Campaner, co-founder of Expowall, the project bringing together images by amateur and professional photographers at Expo Milano 2015 in a live wall.

The exhibition included Luigi Bussolati's photographs on the theme of “the skin of the world” and the photographer's experiment posting pictures of leaves on Instagram. The installation designed by Paolo Schianchi was a clear invitation to visitors to go in and participate in the exhibition, a long carpet of “leaves”.
The carpet was made out of Fiandre maxi-slabs, revealing their versatility for even the most unusual uses. The tiles became a walk-on screen onto which images of leaves photographed by Luigi Bussolati were projected from above. Visitors could play with the photographs and post on the web pictures of their bodies covered with the projections of Bussolati's photographs, a concrete example of webcreativity, in an experiment which lasted only one night but was immortalised on the web.

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