FAB Berlin Workshop 2 interactive surfaces

Chris Middleton, Ritz Ritzer, Volker Halbach, Jan Theissen, AMUNT,



FAB Architectural Bureau, Workshop,

The second Interactive Surfaces workshop about transformation of space was held on January 27 and 28 at FAB Architectural Bureau in Berlin. The two-day workshop concluded with a lecture by Vienna Design Week director Lilli Hollein entitled "Design and Room".

FAB Berlin Workshop 2 interactive surfaces

Architects Chris Middleton (Kinzo, Berlin), Ritz Ritzer (bogevischs buero, Munich), Jan Theissen (AMUNT - Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen, Aachen/Stuttgart) and Petra Vondenhof-Anderhalten (Anderhalten Architekten, Berlin) worked with FAB Architectural Bureau Berlin curators Volker Halbach (blauraum) and Sally Below (sbca)on the Interactive Surfaces workshop.

The first "Light Surfaces" workshop held October 7 to 9 2015 focused on designing a white ceramic surface made using Fiandre slabs like a flying carpet invading the space and offering a multipurpose substrate.
Wilk-Salinas architects, in charge of the renovation project, created a 1:1 model of the surface to be created and put it in the entirely bare showroom, allowing the architects participating in the second workshop to work on the next step.

Various interactive ways of using space emerged at the “Interactive Surfaces” workshop on January 27 and 28 2016, including sculptural installations featuring materials and colours contrasting with the white surface. During the event Christiane Sauer (Formade/Lüling Sauer Architekten, Berlin), professor at Berlin Weissensee School of Art, presented some interesting projects created using extraordinary materials.
At the end of the workshop the participants presented the results of their work to guests at an evening event and Vienna Design Week director Lilli Hollein lectured on the topic of "design and room".

(Agnese Bifulco)



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