DIALOG + Snøhetta win the Calgary Central Library competition


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Dialog and Snøhetta have won the design competition for the new Calgary Central Library

DIALOG + Snøhetta win the Calgary Central Library competition

"A technologically advanced public space for research, innovation and collaboration" is the request to be satisfied by the new Calgary Central Library, according to the design competition won by DIALOG + Snøhetta architectural studios.

The building’s shape is inspired by the natural landscape around it, and the volume rises in the middle to form a new covered plaza that becomes the entrance to the library and establishes a direct link between the new site and its surroundings for pedestrians.
To encourage people to enter and establish contact with the public, most of the public areas in the library will be surrounded by clear glass and distributed on the ground floor, while the study rooms requiring silence and tranquillity will be on the upper levels.
The foyer will be large with a high ceiling, lit up by daylight and served by a system of wooden walkways and staircases providing access to the upper levels of the library.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design Architect and Landscape Architect: Snøhetta
Executive Architect and Landscape Architect: DIALOG
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Images courtesy of Snøhetta, © MIR & Snøhetta