Danish Architecture Centre, Snøhetta - World Architecture Exhibition, Copenhagen


Oslo, Copenhagen, Denmark,

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The current exhibition on show at Copenhagen's DAC (Danish Architecture Centre) is Snøhetta - World Architecture dedicated to the architecture created by the Norwegian studio Snøhetta.  

Danish Architecture Centre, Snøhetta - World Architecture Exhibition, Copenhagen

How does the famous Norwegian architectural studio work? What distinguishes Snøhetta from other architect firms and has made it the most important studio in Scandinavia? How has the attention paid to the natural environment as well as to meeting social aspects been transformed into such splendid architecture as the Oslo Opera House, for which they are universally renowned?

The point of the exhibition on display at the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) in Copenhagen is to answer these questions and present Snøhetta architecture, including projects less famous than the Oslo Opera House, to the Danish public. 

The public will have the chance to understand how the studio works, the modus operandi of the architects who have designed the National September 11 Memorial Museum Pavilion in New York as they have also designed the new Norwegian bank notes and the visual identity for Norway's national parks. The central nucleus of the exhibition is a sensory workshop where visitors can discover how a concept passes to the concrete project using all five senses.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Titolo: World Architecture Snøhetta
Luogo: DAC, Copenhagen Danimarca
Date: 18 giugno – 27 settembre

Images courtesy of DAC Copenhagen


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