Coll Coll designs the Dancer's Pad, a home for a lawyer who loves to dance

Coll Coll,

Martin Tůma, BoysPlayNice , Jakub Skokan,



The architects knew their client was a lawyer, but until they met her, a piece of the puzzle seemed to be missing. When they spoke everything was cleared up: the client demanded a pole and a place for showing off her collection of 15 cm high heels.

Coll Coll designs the Dancer's Pad, a home for a lawyer who loves to dance

It’s not often an architect gets such an unusual client. Czech architectural practice Coll Coll had been told their client was a lawyer. But what they didn’t know, and soon found out, was that she was also a pole dancer. Two different lives to be combined in a single home. Great elegance, a pole and a shoe rack on which to display her collection of 15 cm high heels.

This is how architects Štěrbová, Součková and Hanzlík came to design the Dancer's Pad, a 60 sqm apartment in central Prague. Rosebeds at the entrance, antique parquet flooring, white walls and furnishings, a disappearing kitchen, a big bathtub which is not in the bathroom, and a gigantic mirror with a big Baroque frame right above the bed. Lawyer by day, dancer by night: for her, the apartment was transformed into a minimal open space, elegant and somehow transgressive, photographed here by the experienced hands of Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma of BoysPlayNice.

Francesco Cibati

Design: COLL COLL - www.collaborativecollective.cc
Team: Klára Štěrbová, Markéta Součková, Krištof Hanzlík
Model: Bonnie Santanico (HELLZ Bitchez) - www.hellzbitchez.com
Photos: Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice - www.boysplaynice.com


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