Wood effect porcelain tiles: a natural vocation

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Choosing Ariostea wood effect porcelain surfaces that means relying on the solidity of porcelain and the look of traditional varieties of oak. The effects of time, sun and rain become tactile and visual sensations for contemporary spaces of all kinds

Wood effect porcelain tiles: a natural vocation

Planning a "new life" for materials for surfaces is the goal of numerous architecture and design projects. This aspect appears obvious in the look of porcelain, the principal material used to make indoor and outdoor floor tiles today. Porcelain may be worked to create a whole series of tactile and visual effects that go beyond their primary function of covering surfaces, fully qualifying them as a design material for creating the backdrop for contemporary life. With this form of design and this aesthetic sensibility, Ariostea creates its wood effect porcelain surfaces , which, along with the marble effect and natural stone collections, constitute one of the key achievements of advanced technology applied to porcelain.

Wood effect floors from Ariostea’s high-tech series are an outstandingly faithful reproduction of "the look, tactile sensations and veins of natural wood". In addition to these sensorial aspects capable of evoking the structure and warmth of wood, Ariostea contributes all the well-known properties of porcelain, obtaining a final product that has the visual impact of wood and the strength of stone. With this underlying solidity, porcelain surfaces are "superior" to wood in many ways, including resistance to deep abrasion, water, heat and chemicals. These wood effect floors are so easy to clean that they require no particular treatments, "either before or after laying, or in the years that follow". Available in a series of variants for public and private contemporary spaces of all kinds, these tiles that look like parquet present all the variability of oak wood in the Innovative Slabs High-Tech Woods and href="http://www.ariostea.it/collezioni/legni" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">High-Tech Woods lines. Our gallery includes examples of spaces covered with Quercia Bianca slabs, Petraea and Tropicale as well as the new Quercia Canadese and Shabby collections.

In a spirit of "reuse of forms and materials" for new functions, Ariostea offers vintage oak slabs in a large size, 150 cm. The material represents a return to the effects of time, sun and rain on surfaces which have been allowed to age without human interference. The result is the formation of typical rust and variations in the colour of the wood, which Ariostea reproduces not only visually but in tactile form in the new material, adapting it for a great variety of uses covering walls and floors both indoors and out. The many variations on oak include a range of colours exploring a great range of possibilities, from the lightest hues (Bianco and Corda to the darkest(Nero and Abbazia - with intermediate hues such as Rovere Biondo, Reale and Ciliegio .

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