Ultra Ariostea: big porcelain stoneware slabs like onyx and metal

Le Corbusier,

Porcelain Tile,


The building is the focus of design in Ariostea's Ultra large slab collections, marking a turning point for high-tech porcelain surfaces: large size and reduced thickness for fascinating contemporary floor and wall coverings and furnishing accessories

Ultra Ariostea: big porcelain stoneware slabs like onyx and metal

Large slabs represent the most important technological innovation in ceramics in recent years. They are so prominent that they have a substantial effect not only on the aesthetics of indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings but on all the architectural projects that use them. As demonstrated by the Ultra Ariostea High Tech collections, different sizes of porcelain stoneware maxi slabs (320x160; 300x150; 300x100) reveal that design has progressed beyond the "anthropometric references of the Modulor proposed by Le Corbusier in 1948". When maxi slabs reach 3 metres or more in height, the reference is no longer the human scale, but the building as a whole. This change in perspective is essential for a new vision of floor and wall coverings in indoor and outdoor spaces.

In visual terms, what stands out on first glance is the overall homogeneity and amplified perception of space created by the imperceptibility of the grouting between the porcelain tiles. We selected two particularly elegant tiles from the various different Ultra collections, Ultra Onici and Ultra Metal, which we consider particularly appropriate for original contemporary interiors for various purposes (from homes to offices and showrooms). With porcelain stoneware that looks like onyx in 3 colours, Beige, Extra White and Grey, we reveal the harmony of shades of onyx, a mineral which adds a luxurious touch by recalling classic architectural surfaces. This naturally "design" material is flexible enough to be used not only as a wall and floor covering but for application to objects and items of furniture.

Only 6 mm thick, Onice Ultra slabs let light through, so they can be backlit.
The brilliant, incisive look of the Ultra Metal collection is "inspired by precious metals" in three versions: Blue Zinc, Brown Zinc, and Grey Zinc. Fascinating, sophisticated slabs with a metallic look give spaces a futuristic feel, and are perfect for urban architecture and spaces featuring a variety of highly customised furnishings.

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