The power of details in porcelain surfaces

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The Geologica tile collection by GranitiFiandre underlines the overall effect and the details of spaces in the home with high-tech porcelain that stands out for its harmonious appearance and adaptability to all kinds of lifestyles in the home

The power of details in porcelain surfaces

Numerous television programmes and websites focusing on the home have attracted new interest to domestic spaces and home living, underlining the aesthetic potential of indoor and outdoor furnishings and floor and wall coverings.

People are most attracted to small projects in reduced spaces, alterations and renovations: details which can make all the difference if skilfully combined.

And so architects continue to shift their attention back and forth between the general and the particular, to offer a view of daily life that reflects the personality and tastes of the people who live in the home.

One of the most interesting aspects of home decorating is use of beautiful, bright porcelain tiles.

In the Geologica tile collection by GranitiFiandre, all the surfaces in the home (and in the contract and retail industries) are designed to suit a vast range of different needs and styles.

What most strikes people about various architectural contexts, as will be clear in this selection of images, is the overall harmony and proportion between the elements involved. 

Whether the style is classic, refined, elegant or country, Geologica floor and wall tiles "take a new look at nature with pleasing veins".

Porcelain tiles underline delicate hues such as those of the "sober rigour" of the Easy line, specifically intended for minimalist floors and walls (4 colours and 3 sizes, including 120x60 cm), or Essenze Rare Extreme in which the natural look of porcelain tiles that look like wood recreates all the warmth and shine of natural wood.

In Datauni 12 colourful porcelain tiles offer a kaleidoscope of bright, attractive colours in a range that touches on every shade and intensity in the colour palette.

And so the details of an individual collection bring us all the harmony of an overall project which involves people and adapts to their needs while customising their surroundings.

The decision to present Easy, Essenze Rare Extreme and Datauni (3 very different porcelain tile collections) allows us to imagine very different home environments which share a single design concept: homes built around the people who live in them.

Marco Privato


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