The power and natural beauty of high-tech natural stone

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Ariostea’s natural high-tech floor and wall tiles combine leading Italian technology with excellent performance and aesthetic qualities applicable to any use.

The power and natural beauty of high-tech natural stone

Ariostea’s natural high-tech floor and wall tiles represent one of the most technologically advanced, aesthetically refined ways of underlining the expressiveness of indoor and outdoor spaces.

As in rock formation in nature, the production process that leads to formation of high-tech stones preserves the unique features of surfaces, so that they have a multitude of different finishes.
This compact, homogeneous material is used to produce a collection of porcelain tiles that can be laid in various different geometric patterns and vary from the darkest shades (Black Slate and Pitch) to combinations of colours and streaks or granulated effects (Green Quarzite, Crema Europa), as well as unusual hues of grey (Limra, Pietra di Luserna).
This great variety of colours underlines the unique sheen on the surfaces, creating a visual effect that amplifies our perception of the power and natural beauty of the stone.
Porcelain tiles finished in this way may be applied with the same effectiveness and vigour in the home as in public and commercial spaces, as well as in outdoor solutions.

In urban redevelopment projects involving work on city facilities and street furnishings, Ariostea’s natural high-tech stone (http://www.ariostea.it) permits a wide variety of design solutions for application to floors in places where people transit and stop.
In places like this, the features of porcelain tiles (inalterability over time, versatility, resistance and easy cleaning) establish a new balance between the eye and the landscape, promoting clear perception of technical quality and beauty.
This customisation of design permits creation of new spaces for communication and relationships, while maintaining the ability to imagine and convey atmospheres and sensations.


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